Prem Bhatia Memorial Trust Award

IN Opportunities | 23/05/2018
Entries are invited for the Prem Bhatia Memorial Trust (PBMT) Award 2018 for Environment /Development reporting.


Prem Bhatia Memorial Trust Award for Reporting on Environmental/Development Issues


Entries are invited for the Prem Bhatia Memorial Trust (PBMT) Award 2018 for Environment /Development reporting. The PBMT Award for reporting on Environmental/Development issues consists of a citation and cash award of Rs. One lakh for the best, consistent reporting/in-depth analysis of key environmental/development issues. Instituted in 2004, it is given for sustained work over time uncovering key environmental/development matters, often largely ignored or downplayed by mainstream media and for which space and attention has been individually battled. We welcome regional and local reporting/analysis of significance.

Dr. P. Sainath chairs the Jury for 2018.

Nominations giving the CV of the person nominated together with a short summary on why the person merits the award should be submitted alongside a selection of the writings meriting attention. These may be sent to to be received no later than 30th June 2018 midnight. Any entry received thereafter will not be considered.

The award will be announced to the press in the second week of July and presented at the annual PBMT award and lecture event at India International Centre on 11th August 2018.


Rami Chhabra


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