BY hoot desk| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |24/07/2013
"I certainly object to canards masquerading as news, being published in the newspapers to deliberately malign an individual."
BY hoot desk| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |26/01/2012
Congress MLA Venod Sharma has the advantage of being the proprietor of a newspaper his family has started, Aaj Samaj. He gets generous coverage in his own newspaper. And his paper is now campaigning against paid news.
BY hoot desk| IN MEDIA BUSINESS |18/08/2011
He makes money for them, as a monitoring of news clips and their advertising value in April this year, show. This document highlights the number of news clips carried and their equivalent ad value on various television Channels.
BY hoot desk| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |21/05/2011
An EGM of Kasturi and Sons passes resolutions permitting the professionalisation of the 132-year-old newspaper, but a Company Law Board order restrains their implementation. The member says the proposal to remove all the family directors is not in
BY hoot desk| IN MEDIA BUSINESS |04/03/2011
Interesting indicators emerge from the mandatory March declarations. About the investments made by the Ambani brothers in media, and about the presence of companies registered in Mauritius in the shareholding of media companies.
BY hoot desk| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |13/02/2011
The Indian media needs a watchdog like never before. Please contribute so that the Hoot can continue to be a space where media practice is tracked.
BY hoot desk| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |11/02/2011
Two awards for journalists to be presented by the Mumbai Press Club next week had been sponsored by DB Realty whose director was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the 2G scam. The club has now dropped DB Realty’s name from the invite.
BY hoot desk| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |28/01/2011
The Asian Age suddenly filed a news story on a June 2009 report by a non-governmental international panel on climate change. Why?
BY hoot desk| IN MEDIA FREEDOM |31/01/2010
President Mahinda Rajapaksa does not seem inclined to be particularly magnanimous towards the media following his re-election by a handsome majority.
BY hoot desk| IN DIGITAL MEDIA |20/06/2009
"I narrowed it down to a handful of people who have accounted for 30,000 Iran related tweets in the past few days."
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The new term for self censorship is voluntary censorship, as proposed by companies like Netflix and Hotstar. ET reports that streaming video service Amazon Prime is opposing a move by its peers to adopt a voluntary censorship code in anticipation of the Indian government coming up with its own rules. Amazon is resisting because it fears that it may alienate paying subscribers.                   

Clearly, the run to the 2019 elections is on. A journalist received a call from someone saying they were from Aajtak channel and were conducting a survey, asking whom she was going to vote for in 2019. On being told that her vote was secret, the caller assumed she wasn't going to vote for 'Modiji'. The caller, a woman, also didn't identify herself. A month or two earlier the same journalist received a call, this time from a man, asking if she was going to vote for the BSP.                 

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