BY S.Raghotham| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |16/04/2002
Author PTI or Powell Author PTI or Powell? A (Curious Mix Of A) Little of What Was Said, And All That Wasn`t Part 1   American Secretary of State Colin Powell testified before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on February 5 making his pitch for his department`s 2002-03 budget. A PTI correspondent filed a copy on..
BY S.Raghotham| IN LAW AND POLICY |10/04/2002
* Americanization of mass culture worldwide is bad enough * Americanization of mass culture worldwide is bad enough. * Blatant interference by media groups in politics. E.g.: Murdoch in UK politics. - Reasons mentioned by the Times of India editorial on 20 Nov 2000 "There is nothing the average reader would gain by allowing foreign..
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The new term for self censorship is voluntary censorship, as proposed by companies like Netflix and Hotstar. ET reports that streaming video service Amazon Prime is opposing a move by its peers to adopt a voluntary censorship code in anticipation of the Indian government coming up with its own rules. Amazon is resisting because it fears that it may alienate paying subscribers.                   

Clearly, the run to the 2019 elections is on. A journalist received a call from someone saying they were from Aajtak channel and were conducting a survey, asking whom she was going to vote for in 2019. On being told that her vote was secret, the caller assumed she wasn't going to vote for 'Modiji'. The caller, a woman, also didn't identify herself. A month or two earlier the same journalist received a call, this time from a man, asking if she was going to vote for the BSP.                 

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