Disappointed anchors

IN Media Watch Briefs | 15/05/2018

When the morning's leads dissipated to a final number short of the halfway mark in the Karnataka Assembly,  you got the sense that Times Now anchors Rahul Shivshankar and Navika Kumar were feeling even more let down than the BJP itself.  Shivshankar could not stop fuming and spluttering at a Yogendra Yadav snipe recalling Goa--"When Goa happened I am sure you said this is an unprincipled alliance!" Spluttered the anchor, "How do you know I didn't? How do you know I didn't?"  And Kumar kept trying to get the answer she wanted from  constitutional experts she spoke to on the show,  on just how unacceptable it would be for the governor to invite the post- poll alliance of JD(S) and Congress. Unprincipled alliance, she stressed. But neither Harsh Salve nor Subhash Kashyap could oblige her on that point. The fact of the Congress having got a marginally higher vote share than the BJP was of course not mentioned by anyone, even in passing.                      

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The new term for self censorship is voluntary censorship, as proposed by companies like Netflix and Hotstar. ET reports that streaming video service Amazon Prime is opposing a move by its peers to adopt a voluntary censorship code in anticipation of the Indian government coming up with its own rules. Amazon is resisting because it fears that it may alienate paying subscribers.                   

Clearly, the run to the 2019 elections is on. A journalist received a call from someone saying they were from Aajtak channel and were conducting a survey, asking whom she was going to vote for in 2019. On being told that her vote was secret, the caller assumed she wasn't going to vote for 'Modiji'. The caller, a woman, also didn't identify herself. A month or two earlier the same journalist received a call, this time from a man, asking if she was going to vote for the BSP.                 

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