Letter to the Hoot--not a wasted opportunity

BY Thomas| IN Opinion | 11/11/2002
All India Radio’s contribution to rural development, family planning, the polio campaign, agriculture, education, art and culture cannot be under estimated.

Dear Editor

I read the article `AIR-75 years of wasted opportunity` with great interest. BA Sridhara has done a splendid job in analysing the major landmarks of AIR.

However, I strongly condemn the title of the article `a wasted opportunity`. As Sridhara has pointed out AIR has been a source of information, education and entertainment to millions of illiterate and poor listeners of India. We can`t deny the fact that AIR has been functioned under the direct control of central government over the years and propagated governments views/activities. In the meantime AIR`s contribution to rural development, family planning, polio campaign, agriculture, education, art and culture cannot be under estimated.

`A wasted opportunity`  is a very sensational title. But in my opinion I don’t think anyone can plan radio in India without the influence of programming pattern of AIR.

Yesudhasan Thomas Jayaprakash


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