Letter to the Hoot--Pulli Raja again

BY watson| IN Opinion | 12/12/2003
The response, I am sorry to say, by D. Venkata Raghavan to the article by Ms.Jayashree on the øExploits of Pulli Rajaø is irresponsible.

The response, I am sorry to say, by D. Venkata Raghavan to the article by
Ms.Jayashree on the `Exploits of Pulli Raja` is irresponsible. Tamilnadu, as
he says, may have the second largest AIDS infected population in India but
that is no reason why awareness has to be created by `shocking` and `blunt`
messages. Though he admits that the Pulli Raja ads have "created problems
like children seeing the messages, it being anti-feminist, etc," he opines
that fighting the global war on HIV/AIDS is a far more important duty. If
this is not irresponsible, please tell me what is!

Pulli Raja`s exploits creates more problems than it solves. There are fine
ways to create awareness about AIDS without lowering the dignity of women.
If copywriters think otherwise, it is our duty to oppose them.

Watson (aka Nirmaldasan)                                                                                      Editor, Journalism Online newsletter                               http://www.cijindia.org/JLine                                                                             Chennai


Pulli Raja
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