Must ads contain sexual innuendos?

IN Opinion | 03/06/2006
Letter to the Hoot: Can`t they think of some clean and decent ideas to sell their product?

I feel very offended by the way advertisements connect their products to sex. Particularly there is one ice-cream advertisement, where a man and women are having a business meeting and the man makes vulgar gestures because he sees a woman eating a ice-cream. I fail to understand why the man has to make those gestures for a simple ice-cream??  I can`t even allow my children to watch an ice-cream ad??

And there is also a body spray ad where a girl is playing tennis and two boys are guessing ?pink? or ?black?. The advertisement is double meaning and vulgar.

Could these advertising agencies make clean and ?family? kind of advertisements? Can`t they think of some clean and decent ideas to sell their product?

I am also very upset the way every news channel shows dead bodies. Every morning u switch on the news channels to see killings, murders, and gory dead bodies. Can the tv channels please reduce the news about crime and show some news which really affects the country and common people rather than glorifying the criminals and crime??

Hoping to see some changes in the attitude of the TV channels.

Thank you,

Ujwala Reddy

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