Covering Land Alienation In Jharkhand

IN Regional Media | 09/09/2002
on Bhuinyaari Khoonthkatti land

on Bhuinyaari Khoonthkatti land. Opposition group then visited the Aarogya Bhawan and gathered information about the case. When the Adivasi Students Association raise the issue of returning the land some opposition leaders issue statements in their support. But after that nothing much has happened.

Once or twice editorials have been written on this issue when the Aarogya Bhawan case had became hot. But otherwise these are not subjects for editorials.

But it is the single most important issue for adivasis. The issue of land and forest has been linked with their roots. In the historical mutinies of two hundred years of armed struggle, the history has been of traditional rights on land and forest. From the Pahadiya revolt of 1766 to Tilka Manjhi, Santhaal Hool, Coal revolt (1855-56), Sardari fight and the Birsa Ulgulaan (1895-1900). At the core of all of these, there are accounts of adivasis being rounded up against the outside attack on land and forest. In around 100 meetings held during the Birsa mutiny Dharti Aaba Birsa Munda said, " our land is blowing away as the dust blows away in the storm". Today even after a 100 years, this great hero-martyr¿s statement seems relevant.

Contact: Vasavi

Posted July 6, 2002


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