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“I thought I was moving to a platform where you can raise issues”

IN Regional Media | 2018-08-10

The former journalist who has just become Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha explained earlier this year why he was disappointed with his shift from journalism to politics.


When the Chief Minister is also a media owner…

IN REGIONAL MEDIA |16/07/2018 

…and the dept of information and public relations is the nodal agency for allocating state govt. advertising, some interesting patterns emerge. A Telangana case study.


Keeping politics and journalism apart


Do nominations to the Rajya Sabha compromise journalism? If you are an editor yes, If you are a media owner perhaps, but not if you are a talking head on TV.


Andhra Pradesh: no space left for independent media?


With large swathes of the Andhra Pradesh media either owned by political parties or lined up behind them, unbiased news is a rarity.


Republic TV—out to decimate the opposition?


When the adversarial function of the media is focused on the opposition, the firepower is grossly disproportionate to their current spheres of influence.


Journalists cross ‘enemy’ lines in Punjab?


The AAP’s love-hate relationship with journalists swings to love with several senior journalists getting a ticket


India Today’s ‘sting’ and the UP assembly enquiry


Will the breach of privilege case and the challenge before the Supreme Court outlive dissolution of the UP Assembly?


A death that could not be reported


Archival nostalgia became the highlights that gave viewers a rare insight into the otherwise aloof Amma.


Mamata 2.0: ABP stoops to concur with Didi


The state’s leading media group has changed its tune. It is generous to Didi and reserves criticism for TMC’s party rank and file,


Sweet victory, despite the media coverage


Does goondagiri and corruption loom much larger for journalists than it does for voters? Is that why they missed the Mamata sweep,


Modi and the media 

IN MEDIA PRACTICE |26/05/2015 

Is a PM who sought to sidestep mainstream media slowly discovering that it does not work?


The dynasty: inverting news values


When a headless body turns up in a topless bar or a man bites a dog, it is news. In India, it is news if Rahul and Sonia Gandhi speak.


Fabricating stories against the AAP

IN MEDIA PRACTICE |09/05/2015 

With its ludicrous nonsense about the AAP's Kumar Vishwas' 'love affair', the media sank to new depths.


When Kejriwal defeated the media

IN MEDIA PRACTICE |12/02/2015 

The AAP leader had gone over our heads, effectively used social media, but most importantly, gone directly to those who really mattered: the voter! Pompous editors, noisy anchors and a corporatised media ownership had all been defeated,


AIUDF's court offensive against NewsX


By filing 22 defamation cases against the news channel in 22 districts, for linking it with jihadi activities, the AIUDF is countering what it calls media terror with its own legal terror,


Bury the media?

BY Madabhushi Sridhar|IN REGIONAL MEDIA|12/09/2014

The divisive climate in the newly created states is leading to a worrying new news dynamic which is never discussed.


'The negative media campaign just crushed us'


Yogendra Yadav tells PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA and MOHAMMAD GHAZALI in the second part of their interview with him.


Modi, media and the theology of apology

BY Sankrant Sanu| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |25/04/2014 

The Indian media narrative has followed the Christian script of the West on the apology-redemption track while Modi is responding from an Indian cultural lens.


Brand Modi: a political marketing revolution


The 2014 election campaign would go down in history as the first one where digital crowdsourcing played a key role in shaping speeches.


A tale of two interviews

BY Rana Ayyub| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |16/04/2014 

If Ansari did not probe Rahul on the charges levelled against Robert Vadra, nor did Rajat Sharma grill Modi on Snoopgate or Kejriwal's charges regarding the Adani group.


In Assam too, scribes take the plunge


The star attraction this election in Assam is prolific journalist and former Deputy Editor of the television news channel DY 365, Manorom Gogoi.


What wrong did Punya Prasun Bajpai do?


There is nothing wrong if a politician is suggesting that certain issues should be highlighted or a helpful anchor is giving helpful suggestions for an interview as long as the basic thrust and thought of the interview is not diluted,


RG gave edit writers little to chew on

BY Darius Nakhoonwala|IN OPINION|29/01/2014

The Telegraph said uncharitably that even those who are sympathetic towards him will be compelled to concede that he does not have it in him to be the prime minister or any kind of leader.


Why this licence to Mamata? ?


PCI Chairman Justice Katju sees a"concerted move" from Delhi to Kolkata behind the media criticism against the West Bengal Chief Minister.


The Bofors story, 25 years after

BY Chitra Subramaniam Duella| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |24/04/2012

"I knew what I was doing when I leaked the documents to you. I could not count on my government or Bofors or the government of India to get to the bottom of this."


Mamata's mantra: divide and rule


The West Bengal Chief Minister has made it clear that any public voice of dissent would be curbed by whatever means required

Politicians and press in Bihar


What upsets the Nitish government most is the Press Council of India chief, Markandey Katju's remarks that there was no Press censorship during the Lalu regime.


Who needs paid news?

BY hoot desk| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |26/01/2012

Congress MLA Venod Sharma has the advantage of being the proprietor of a newspaper his family has started, Aaj Samaj. He gets generous coverage in his own newspaper. And his paper is now campaigning against paid news.


The PM speaks to the media

BY B.P. Sanjay| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |30/06/2011 

In the past too, the PM’s media interactions have been a subject matter of scrutiny and the fact that he does not adopt a more robust and charismatic spin to his interactions has been noted.


The Sun shines on Karunanidhi in TN polls

BY Sanjay Bharthur| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |30/03/2011

The DMK front rally was telecast live by Sun News. With a control of over 60 per cent of electronic media, the DMK holds an edge in Tamil Nadu elections.


The PM speaks to the media

BY B.P. Sanjay| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |30/06/2011 

In the past too, the PM’s media interactions have been a subject matter of scrutiny and the fact that he does not adopt a more robust and charismatic spin to his interactions has been noted.


Mamata’s media carrots

BY Ajitha Menon| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |11/06/2010 

Front benchers at Trinamul press conferences often shout down other reporters asking ‘unpleasant’ or ‘difficult’ questions to Mamata Banerjee or any of her party leaders.


Sakshi's U-turn


The once Congress-affiliated media house now attacks the Congress party as well as Chandrababu Naidu -- a new strategy with wider political implications for the Congress party and YS Jagan Mohan in Andhra Pradesh.


‘Vir Sanghvi is being elitist’

BY Anand Kumar| IN OPINION |24/03/2009

Those could be his opinions but they fail two important tests. One, they fail to take cognizance of facts. Two they fail the test of neutrality.


Mayawati¿s PR exercise


She shares a love-hate relation with the media and several party members who dared to disobey her commandment of not talking to the "presswalas" have been made to to suffer.  But all that is changing, and the BSP¿s "Behenji" has decided to make peace after all with the media. After its debacle in Delhi..


Spin doctoring In Andhra Pradesh

BY CSHN Murthy| IN BOOKS |11/06/2008

Monitoring of two newspapers -- Eenadu and Sakshi -- provides documentation of how single-mindedly the Congress party is using its chief minister’s family newspaper to tarnish the TDP’s Naidu.


Congress vs Media


For sixty years the Congress Party at the Centre and in the states has demonstrated an inclination for media repression.


CPM faction battles the media in Kerala

BY N P Chekutty| IN REGIONAL MEDIA |11/07/2007 

The confrontation between Mathrubhumi and the CPM is actually an offshoot of the severe group rivalries in the Kerala CPM.



Editorial & political correctness

BY B.P. Sanjay| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |23/06/2007

By any yardstick, editors in the past have not used the open letter option to interfere in a democratic process.


Congress turns broadcaster


On May 1 defence minister A K Antony will inaugurate the studio complex of a Congress-backed Malayalam channel.


Eenadu in trouble

IN REGIONAL MEDIA |27/12/2006 

The government order sanctioning prosecution said the story showed Reddy in poor light and tarnished the image of the state government.


A smiley, smiley person

BY sevanti ninan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |30/10/2006

Sanghvi`s style is inimitably his own: ask rude questions inoffensively, or tough ones fleetingly with no intention of pinning the person down.


Media on two years of the UPA


The common man was missing from the media analyses of the United Progressive Alliance government’s two-year record.


IndiaVision: Between Politics and Professionalism

IN REGIONAL MEDIA |24/05/2006 

Both these parties have declared an unofficial war against the channel which, they accuse, had played a key role in ensuring their defeat.


Jayalalitha targets Sun TV

IN REGIONAL MEDIA |23/01/2006 

Ahead of assembly polls Jayalalitha moves against Sun TV, taking over its cable distribution business in the state.


Every text has a context


To what extent can headline writers, who have become a specialised tribe in some of the regional newspapers, take liberty with the headlines


The Mitrokhin masala


Anyone who was part of the Bahadurshah Zafar Marg crowd at the time covered by the Mitrokhin papers knew where the KGB funds went.


Media ceasefire on Bofors


Why have newspapers like the Hindu and Indian Express which unstintingly invested editorial resources on probing Bofors now decided that it is a non issue


Media, Laloo and Bihar

BY vimal kumar| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |27/09/2004


 Four Orissa editors in poll fray

BY patnaik| IN REGIONAL MEDIA |05/04/2004

For the leading vernacular dailies of Orissa, it is only a thin line that divides politics and journalism.


Vijay Karnataka helps launch a regional party

BY B S Chandrasekhar| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |15/03/2004

Karnataka’s leading newspaper is energetically promoting the regional party launched by the newspaper’s owner Vijay Sankeshwar in the run up to the state elections.


Carrots for the loyal boys

IN OPINION |16/09/2002



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Clearly, the run to the 2019 elections is on. A journalist received a call from someone saying they were from Aajtak channel and were conducting a survey, asking whom she was going to vote for in 2019. On being told that her vote was secret, the caller assumed she wasn't going to vote for 'Modiji'. The caller, a woman, also didn't identify herself. A month or two earlier the same journalist received a call, this time from a man, asking if she was going to vote for the BSP.                 

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