Bihar's media black sheep

IN Media Watch Briefs | 2018-08-04

Brajesh Thakur, the kingpin of the horrific Muzaffarnagar child shelter rapes, is a former journalist and member of the state accreditation committee, reports said. Media organisations need to ask themselves how he got there and what kind of power he wielded. Thakur, who was arrested on Saturday, ran a local..

Journalist stabbed in Siwan

IN Media Watch Briefs | 2017-08-22

Yet another journalist has been attacked in Bihar's Siwan District on the night of August 20.  The incident happened in the district which witnessed the killing of another journalist last year.  Rajesh Kumar, who was a crime reporter for a local vernacular daily had written a story about the molestation of a..

Journalist stabbed in Siwan


Yet another journalist has been attacked in Bihar's Siwan District on the night of August 20.  The incident happened in the district which witnessed the killing of another journalist last year.  Rajesh Kumar, who was a crime reporter for a local vernacular daily had written a story about the molestation of a..


Quiet, but strong flows Big Ganga


A non-fiction channel catering to Bihar, Jharkhand and East UP taps into devotional content and Buddhism to command 58 per cent of the viewership.


Scribe gunned down


The new year begins with the murder of a journalist. The Indian Express reports that unidentified men shot dead a journalist called Brij Kishor working for a daily in Samastipur.  Another report says seven bullets were pumped into him.  This is the third killing of a scribe in Bihar over  an eight-month..


Reporter shot in Sasaram


Dharmendra Singh, a reporter with DainikBhaskar in Sasaram, Bihar,  was shot on Saturday morning, reports the Hindustan Times. He was at a tea stall near his house early in the morning when three bike-borne assailants opened fire, shooting  him in the chest. He died as he was being taken to Varanasi.  While investigations are on, no..


Threatened in Bihar

IN MEDIA WATCH BRIEFS |20/05/2016 reports that Rajesh Singh, a journalist working for a leading regional daily in Bihar was abused and threatened by four unidentified men in Nalanda district on  May 19. They were supporters of a JD(U) MLC Heera Prasad Bind.  They asked him about a report he had written, and also..


Two more journalists murdered


Two journalists have been shot dead over a 24 hour period on May 12 and 13. A TV journalist, Indradev Yadav who worked for Taza TV was killed in Chatra in Jharkhand on the night of May 12. Another killing took place in Siwan in Bihar on May 13.  Rajdeo..


Failing to read Bihar


A few brilliant reports apart, the preconceptions of the English press prevented them from grasping what was happening in the Bihar election.


One step forward, two steps backwards


Caste dominated the Bihar election and its coverage. The state's progress was seen through its prism


Bizarre election coverage


What exactly is Dainik Bhaskar upto? Its web edition on Sept 15 announced that pegged to the Bihar elections it was starting a flashback series on glimpses of Bihar's historical events. So the first episode has a headline which says "Muslim sashak ne lagwai thi  Nalanda mein aag, hazaron ki..


Encephalitis? Who cares


It took more than two weeks for a rising toll of encephalitis deaths in Bihar to reach the headlines of the self-styled national press.


PCI takes on Nitish Kumar


The Press Council is sending a fact finding team to Bihar to enquire into charges of government pressure on the media in Bihar. The Council has invited all stakeholders including readers to bring their complaints to the Hotel Pataliputra Ashok in Patna on Aptril 1 when the team will start..


Politicians and press in Bihar


What upsets the Nitish government most is the Press Council of India chief, Markandey Katju's remarks that there was no Press censorship during the Lalu regime.


Portrait of brave hearts


These remarkable women have transcended all barriers of established norms, traditional restrictions, and societal conditions to reach their destination.


Nitish Kumar’s goody box


Over the last year the state government has given Rs 28.47 crore as advertising to newspapers and television channels. The figure is much higher than in preceding years, but then an election was imminent.


Nitish’s Ads mute Bihar media


The state's advertisement budget has jumped even as criticism of Nitish Kumar's government in the local and national media has slumped.


Nitish Kumar’s "Bihar Shining" campaign


In four years the chief minister has taken annual advertisements placed in newspapers from Rs 4.5 crore to Rs 25.25 crore.


Publicity happy

IN MEDIA WATCH BRIEFS |30/01/2010 reports that the Bihar government spent an amount of  Rs 80 crore on newspaper advertisements and hoardings in the financial year 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09. This figure was given in response to an RTI query by the  Information and Public Relation Department. According to one of the petitioners this..


Anti-RTI Amendments in Bihar

BY Vishnu Rajgadia| IN REGIONAL MEDIA |24/11/2009

The Nitish Kumar Government amends the RTI act to allow only a single piece of information per application and has restricted the number of free of cost pages.


For the truth about the Kosi river, track the Nepal media

BY Himanshu Upadhyaya| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |09/07/2009

One gets to see more news on the Kosi barrage--under the control and operation of the Government of Bihar--emerging from Nepal-based media houses rather than from the Indian media,


Beware a friendly media

BY Soroor Ahmed| IN REGIONAL MEDIA |04/02/2009

If Nitish Kumar really wants to strengthen democracy and fight corruption, he must keep friendly journalists at bay.


Radio plays English teacher

BY Imran Khan| IN COMMUNITY MEDIA |07/04/2008

The "English for Fun" radio programme started by the Bihar government is a hit among students in the state. It covers nearly six million primary school students.


Thuggery in Bihar


JD-U legislator Anant Singh, a known muscleman in Bihar and four of his  henchmen were arrested on November 1 for attacking media people. Singh men beat the journalists, hurled stones at them and fired warning shots in the air to dispel those  who had gathered outside his house to protest..


RTI exposes scam in Bihar

BY ajay kumar| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |31/10/2007 ?A major bungling in the recommendation for admission in medical colleges by Bihar govt. was exposed through the effective use of RTI by a journalist.



Radio Active Palamau

BY Ajitha G S| IN COMMUNITY MEDIA |31/07/2006 ?The programme has firmly put the deep-rooted practice of dowry, and the question of women`s rights, on the family agenda. ??


The latest cause celebre

BY sevanti ninan| IN COMMUNITY MEDIA |09/04/2006 ?Community radio never caught public fancy. Until Raghav Mahato and FM Mansoorpur 1 came along.


B Singh or M Singh?

BY darius| IN OPINION |30/01/2006

The leader writers could not decide who was more to blame for the Bihar dissolution fiasco.


Sack of Bihar House: mixed media reaction

IN OPINION |27/05/2005

Sack of Bihar House: mixed media reaction 


Intimidated by Laloo Yadav


The local media ignored the Star News report on the Bihar leader distributing a hundred rupees each to women in the rural areas, even as the Election Commission took cognisance of it.


Media, Laloo and Bihar

BY vimal kumar| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |27/09/2004


Censor Laloo


Film maker Prakash Jha waited in vain for former chief minister Laloo Yadav to view his film Gangajal. The film cannot be released in Bihar because the ruling party threatens hooliganism in the event of its release. One of its protagonists bears the


Journalism and caste in Bihar

BY ninan| IN REGIONAL MEDIA |12/06/2003

The media here has evolved into a force which is expanding rapidly in the rural hinterland, yet has relatively little influence. The reasons have to do with caste.


Prabhat Khabar : Expanding in Reach and Relevance


The Indian newspaper which broke the story of the fodder scam in Bihar eight years ago now has a new role as the voice of the state of Jharkhand.


Bihar¿s Panchayat Elections: The Media Misses The Real Story


The media highlighted only violence or fear of violence in the panchayat elections in Bihar and ignored the basic issues of the election such as strong democratisation at village level, high level of participation of women, and caste being not the main consideration for the choice of the candidates.


Covering Bihars wedding of the year.

BY Ajai Kumar| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |06/06/2002

The focus of all these newspapers were the costly pandal, delicious foods and the cooks brought from different cities. They were less concerned about the expenditure incurred by this gala event.


The Media And Laloos Jail Yatra

BY Ajai Kumar| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |16/04/2002

Former Bihar Chief Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav`s visit to Ranchi to surrender before the CBI Court in fodder scam case, became a major media event.


"Chala ho gaon mein" widens its reach

IN COMMUNITY MEDIA |01/01/1900 ?For many people in Palamau, home to India¿s poorest of the poor, this community radio programme is the only connection with the outside world


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The new term for self censorship is voluntary censorship, as proposed by companies like Netflix and Hotstar. ET reports that streaming video service Amazon Prime is opposing a move by its peers to adopt a voluntary censorship code in anticipation of the Indian government coming up with its own rules. Amazon is resisting because it fears that it may alienate paying subscribers.                   

Clearly, the run to the 2019 elections is on. A journalist received a call from someone saying they were from Aajtak channel and were conducting a survey, asking whom she was going to vote for in 2019. On being told that her vote was secret, the caller assumed she wasn't going to vote for 'Modiji'. The caller, a woman, also didn't identify herself. A month or two earlier the same journalist received a call, this time from a man, asking if she was going to vote for the BSP.                 

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